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  • RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar breakthrough 6.80 hit a new high of 5 years
    2015-02-07RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar breakthrough 6.80 hit a new high of 5 years

    Beijing in June 22, 22 days is the people's Bank of China reiterated the second trading days after the exchange rate reform, the RMB exchange rate middle rate changed yesterday subdued situation, the dollar rose above the 6.80 mark, a record since 2005 July to remit to high. The central bank announcement shows, June 22nd, the inter-bank foreign exchange market US dollar traded currencies ag...

  • Chinese trade facing
    2015-02-07Chinese trade facing "go cheap" structure is faced with new upgrade

    Although May import and export data than expected optimism, but Chinese foreign trade enterprises are facing high costs are still full of worry. Rising labor costs, RMB real exchange rate to rise, rising commodity prices, all of these make enterprises profit margins under pressure. At the same time, the transformation of foreign trade growth mode is also facing the passive adjustment of the thr...

  • In April 30.5% Chinese exports trade surplus to reproduce 1680000000
    2015-02-06In April 30.5% Chinese exports trade surplus to reproduce 1680000000

    the General Administration of Customs on May 10th released data show, in April this year, China's trade has a small surplus, $1680000000, down 87% yoy.             according to customs statistics, in April this year, China's import and export value of $238160000000, growth of 39.4%. The export of $119920000000, an increase of 30.5%, 6.3 percentage points fa...

  • China

    from the May export data to see, the European debt crisis on China's export less than expected, and this shows that China's export recovery better than market expectations, but the future foreign trade situation is still not optimistic.                       in May, China's foreign trade export $131760000000, growth of 48.5%...

  • Entry into Chinese national phase of a PCT application
    2016-06-22Entry into Chinese national phase of a PCT application

    If a PCT application would enter the Chinese national phase, documents and information below are needed: A letter of instruction to China indicating the name(s), address(es) and nationality(ies) of applicant(s) and the name(s) of inventor(s) and the Chinese translation thereof so as to avoid any possible different versions (if the applicant does not have a Chinese name, we can do the transliteration);

  • Introduction of Chinese Patent
    2016-06-22Introduction of Chinese Patent

    1、 What is a patent? A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention-creation, which is a product or a process that provides, in general, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem. In order to be patentable, the invention-creation must fulfill certain conditions.

  • Application for trademark registration
    2016-06-22Application for trademark registration

    Materials needed: (1) Application for Registration of a Trademark Anyone who applies for registration of a trademark shall file an application based on the categories in the published Classification of Goods and Services. For each application for registration of a trademark, the applicant shall submit to the Trademark Office one copy of the Application for Trademark Registration and five copies of reproductions of the trademark; if color or colors is or are designated, five copies of colored reproductions of the trademark and one copy of the black and white design shall be submitted. The trademark designs shall be conspicuous and easy to be attached. They shall be printed on smooth and durable paper or be replaced by photos, the size of which shall be not more than 10 centimeters but not less than 5 centimeters in length or width. If applying for the registration of a three-dimensional sign as a trademark, the applicant shall make a statement in the application, and submit a reproduction thereof by which the three-dimensional shape can be determined. If applying for the registration of the combination of colors as a trademark, the applicant shall make a statement in the application, and submit the descriptions thereof.

  • Introduction of Chinese Trademark
    2016-06-22Introduction of Chinese Trademark

    1、 What is a trademark? According to Chinese Trademark Law, a trademark is any visual sign capable of distinguishing the goods or service of one natural person, legal entity or any other organization from that of others, including any word, design, letters of an alphabet, numerals, three-dimensional symbol, combinations of colours, and their combination. The trademark in respect of which an application for registration is filed shall be so distinctive as to be distinguishable, and shall not conflict with any prior right acquired by another person. A trademark registrant has the right to use the words of "registered trademark" or a symbol "R" to indicate that his trademark is registered.


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